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AXXZIA UV VEIL EX SPF 50+ PA ++++ (Le Ciel de Laube Sunscreen)

$89.90 SGD

AXXZIA Le Ciel de Laube professional line of sunscreen is a reliable protection and skin care with advanced cosmetic technologies in one product. 

Unlike most sunscreens that can only block ultraviolet radiation - UVA and UVB, Sanskrin UV VEIL EX blocks the most harmful and deeply penetrating infrared rays of the skin thanks to innovative bio-capsule technology.

The extract of the michinaga plant prevents the appearance of redness and irritation, nourishes the skin with vitamin C, carotene and trace elements. 

Squalane supports moisture and skin tone.

Apply the mineral (physical) filters : titanium oxide, aluminum hydroxide, zinc oxide.

The cream rests on the skin with a light veil, leaves no white residue and a feeling of heaviness on the skin. 

Suitable as a base for makeup. 

Volume: 40g

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