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AXXZIA Venus Berry Eye Supplement to relive eye fatigue

$98.80 SGD

AXXZIA Berry Eye complex is based on all-natural components designed to support visual acuity and relieve eye fatigue with prolonged use of smartphones and working with a computer. 

The extract of the North European blueberry variety (bilberry)  and the Aronia extract are leaders in the content of antioxidants and anthocyanins - flavonoid pigments, which have significant benefits for our health. 

Plant anthocyanins are an effective anti-inflammatory agent, and also stimulate collagen synthesis in the eyeball and improve the condition of the eye vessels. Regular use of the drug is effective for the prevention of eye diseases such as astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. 

Marigold flower extract contains a valuable carotenoid - lutein.

Lutein is found in the blood and all tissues of the human body, including the retina, where it absorbs radiation from the blue-violet part of the solar spectrum, which damages the eye receptors, and is also responsible for the clarity of vision and the ability to distinguish between. Lutein not only protects the retina, but also promotes recovery processes. 

To support the work of lutein, the complex also includes biotin and astaxanthin . 

The use of natural extracts guarantees better assimilation of the useful substances of the complex in comparison with their synthetic analogues. 

Method of application: apply 1 sachet (2 capsules) per day. The capsule can be chewed or washed down with water. 

Volume: 30 sachets (1-month course)

Ingredients: safflower oil, bilberry extract powder, erythritol powder, Aronia powder, marigold extract, gelatin, glycerin, rice bran, glycerin fatty acid ester, citric acid, sweetener (aspartame L-phenylalanine compound, xylitol, sucralose), fragrance, calcium pantetoate, caramel pigment, astaxanthin, biotin.

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