AXXZIA AG Theory Moist Veil Emulsion

  • $139.90 SGD

AXXZIA AG Theory line is a powerful response to age-related skin glycolysis. 

In Axxzia AG Theory products, the anti-glycation effect is achieved with a patented complex of horse chestnut, plantain and saxifrage extracts. 

Vitamin C, an extract of rice bran, gentian and mulberry are rich in flavonoids and arbutin. It helps brighten and cleanse the skin from pigmentation as well as even out skin tone. 

Another valuable component in the lotion - proteoglycan - it increases cellular metabolism, improves the metabolism of fatty acids in the skin, speeds up healing process and regulates the moisture content in the connective tissue. 

It is recommended for anyone above 30 years old with any skin condition.

Volume: 100 ml