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Axxzia AG Theory AG Drink Collagen Peptide

$429 SGD

What it is:

The supplement drink with collagen and peptides takes care of your appearance and health from the inside. Just one serving of the drink per day will help to protect your body from wrinkles and sagging by improving collagen levels. 

Suitable for:

Anyone who wants to increase their collagen production.

Highlighted Ingredients:

Marine Collagen Peptide allows skin cells to renew and repair, making skin look smoother and firmer, which in turn will boost skin elasticity.

Extract of Hawthorn help to prevent premature skin aging caused by collagen degradation due to excessive sun or ultraviolet light exposure.

Extract Amla fruits loaded with antioxidants, that helps to reduce the effect of free radicals, fight fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and give younger looking, smooth skin.

Fennel extract improves skin tone, saturates the subcutaneous layer with vitamins, has antiseptic properties help remove the dirt and bacteria that are behind oil buildups and breakouts. 

How to use:

Drink one capsule a day.

What it tastes like: 

It has a fruity taste(pineapple and grape).


30 capsules of 25 ml. Each serving of the drink is packaged in an individual soft capsule, which is convenient to take with you. 

About the Brand

Derived from the words “XX” (female chromosome) and “Asia,” AXXZIA presents Asian beauty to the world with innovation and passion. The Japanese brand started developing skincare products and beauty supplements for beauty retailers in 2016 and has since gradually expanded to opening its own shops at local department stores. Committed to being a trustworthy global beauty brand, AXXZIA creates advanced and innovative products that make users feel beautiful and happy. Popular products include the Beauty Eyes Intensive Care Essence, Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet, AG Theory Balancing Lotion and award-winning Mate For Eyes, all of which are manufactured in Japan.


Collagen peptides(Contains gelatin), Erythritol, Passion fruit juice, Pomegranate powder, Mangosteen powder, Hawthorn powder, Fennel powder, Amla powder, Morus leaves powder, Chrysanthemum powder, Hericium powder, Parsley powder, Plum powder, Artichoke powder/Sour agents, Spices, Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose)

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