• AMARANTH Moisturizing and Skin Elasticity Kit

AMARANTH Moisturizing and Skin Elasticity Kit

  • $365.00 SGD

The kit includes:

  1. AMARANTH Moisturizing Critical Lotion (120ml)
  2. AMARANTH Premium Cream Moisturizer (30ml)
  3. AMARANTH Impressive Emulsion (50ml)
  4. AMARANTH APP-C Fulla serum (30ml)

What is the composition of AMARANTH serum from Japan?

The compositions of all the lines of the line complement each other, the components of the formulas are interrelated and act on the skin as a medicine, right on target. Amaranth products use active ingredients from the advanced arsenal of Japanese cosmetology - DMAE, carnosine, fullerene, APPS (vitamin C).

Dr.Soie is a cosmetic brand based on the experience of the large clinic Hiroo Prime Dermatology, has existed in the center of Tokyo for over 15 years. Cosmetics designed with the highest standards of quality and safety