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AMARANTH Lifting Kit (moisturise & tighten skin)

$399 SGD

The kit includes:

1. AMARANTH Moisturizing Critical Lotion (120ml)

What is AMARANTH Critical Lotion moisturizing lotion?
This lotion is recommended for the prevention of signs of aging and daily skincare. It contains a wide range of nutritional and moisturizing ingredients.
The lotion does not create a thick layer on the skin and does not contain any ballast components.
AMARANTH Critical Lotion fights skin dehydration, eliminating the root cause of the lack of moisture. The lotion does not clog pores, so it is completely suitable for people with very sensitive skin.

2. AMARANTH Premium Cream Moisturizer (30ml)

What is AMARANTH Premium Cream from Japan?
The complex therapeutic composition of AMARANTH Premium Cream from Japan has a triple effect. It nourishes your skin with plant extracts, moisturizing ingredients and vitamins. The cream not only provides moisture but also helps retain moisture in the skin. It also protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment.

3. AMARANTH Impressive Emulsion (50ml)

What are the effects of AMARANTH  Impressive Moisturizing Emulsion from Japan?

  • Bletilla root extract (Chinese orchid) - restores microdamage, and also prevents the oxidation of sebum (the formation of black dots).
  • Criterium Extract - promotes the production of ceramides, which are an important part of the protective barrier of the skin.
  • DMAE is a natural antioxidant substance contained in human cells which helps the skin look full and smooth.
  • Carnosine - a peptide with antioxidant function, slows down the process of glycation - saccharification of cells, which leads to ageing.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid is a natural substance found in skin cells. A powerful antioxidant that helps reduce wrinkles.
4. AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum (30ml)

What is AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum Pull Up Serum from Japan?
This serum is famous in Japan for its express lifting effect. It instantly tightens the skin of the face. AMARANTH Moist Lift Plus Serum contains Dimethylaminoethanol, which is used in beauty injections. High dosage gives the effect of tighter muscles of the face. The manufacturer recommends applying this serum for 2-3 weeks.

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