• AMARANTH HQ-C Fulla Serum (for pigmentation)

AMARANTH HQ-C Fulla Serum (for pigmentation)

  • $125.00 SGD

Effective anti-photoaging.

Recommended for use on spots and pigmentation, but also suitable for the entire face. Clearly defined pigment spots will brighten, fine pigmentation becomes invisible after a month of use.

Thick and oily texture, odourless, contains petroleum jelly. Serum components have a pronounced clarifying and antioxidant effect:

-Hydroquinone 5% 
-Vitamin C 5% ( Suppresses the production of melanin and improves collagen production) -Fullerene 1% ( Antioxidant, for the discovery of which the Nobel Prize was awarded, removes free radicals)

Serum is intended for evening use. It is applied pointwise to problem areas. During use, do not forget to protect the skin with sunscreen. For a stable effect, it is recommended to use daily.

Recommended for use with APP-C Fulla Serum.

Packed in a bottle with a dispenser.

Glycerin, PG, water, vaseline, behenyl alcohol, hydroquinone, ascorbic acid, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, fullerene,
Glyceryl stearate, soybean oil, BG, carrot extract, tocopherol, PVP

Dr.Soie is a cosmetic brand based on the experience of the large Hiroo Prime Dermatology clinic, which has been operating in the center of Tokyo for more than 15 years. Cosmetics for everyday therapeutic care and skin problems are designed to the highest standards of quality and safety. The compositions of all the line products complement each other, the components of the formulas are interconnected and act on the skin as a medicine, right on target.

Store in a cool, dark place.

Volume: 11 g.

Amaranth products use active ingredients from the advanced arsenal of Japanese cosmetology - DMAE, carnosine, fullerene, APPS ( vitamin C), hydroquinone. In their compositions there are no ballast substances and fragrances, they act gently and are suitable for sensitive skin, while the effectiveness is combined with a pleasant weightless texture.