AAR Studio

Japanese silk and paper yarn blend socks AAR Studio

$29.50 SGD

AAR studio provides high quality products from Japan based on the concept of "NEW SOCKS".

AAR socks are knitted with paper yarn and silk - a highly breathable fabric with excellent moisture absorption and desorption characteristics and natural antibacterial deodorant property. Keeps your feet comfortable and  moisture free. 

Known as “shosenshi”, paper yarn has older history than hemp or cotton in Japan. Paper yarn is environment friendly and mild to skin.  

Silk is more gentle to skin than many manmade fibers due to its similar composition with human skin. Silk also retains very few germs because of the structure of its fibers. 

Wear-resistant and wash resistant yarn, does not form and maintains color over time. Texture of the fabric prevents socks from sliding out of your shoe or bunching. Perfect for sport and daily use. 

Machine wash at 30°C using gentle silk detergent or hand wash. Do not tumble dry. 

Material composition: paper yarn, silk.

Manufacturer: AAR Studio, Japan

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