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$565 SGD

Kyoto Komachi's Matcha Beauty set includes:

  1. Face wash emulsion with Matcha Beauty green tea extract (150 ml)
  2. Matcha Beauty Green Tea Foam (150 ml)
  3. Brightening Matcha Beauty serum (30 ml)
  4. Lotion Matcha Beauty (200 ml)
  5. Cream essence Matcha Beauty (50 ml) + Mask with green tea extract Matcha (1pc) as a gift! 

Matcha Beauty is an environmentally friendly skincare series focused on fighting against ageing, dryness and pigmentation.

The entire Matcha Beauty line is certified by Ecocert natural and environmentally friendly products.

The main active substances of the Matcha Beauty series are catechins. Catechins are polyphenolic compounds that are strong antioxidants. Green tea has more than 70 types.

High purity catechins obtained from Matcha green tea extract effectively whiten the skin and brighten dark spots.

Matcha Beauty Products

  • Effectively protects from UV rays and eliminates stress-induced ROS (reactive oxygen).
  • Effectively prevent skin ageing, fight with dark spots, darkening of skin and wrinkles.
  • They are natural moisturizers.

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCg), the main component of catechins, is more than 200 times more effective than vitamin E.

In combination with vitamin C, they prevent excessive production of melanin, which is the main cause of the appearance of dark spots on the skin.


The Kyoto Komachi brand was launched in order to fulfill the desires of women (men) who wish to be beautiful around the world. The word "Kyo beauty" has long been used as a synonym for beauty because women in Kyoto have many beauty. It represents a woman who is fair and has fine skin texture, and does not lose its youthfulness and freshness even as she gets older. Kyoto Komachi places great emphasis on quality in order to ensure that customers around the world use products with peace of mind.

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