• SASS Matcha & Sakura Body Scrub
  • SASS Matcha & Sakura Body Scrub

SASS Matcha & Sakura Body Scrub

  • $40.00 SGD

SASS Coffee Scrub and Matcha Scrub are not only gentle on your skin, but are as finely grounded as possible to be gentle on the drain. In addition, after use, it is even more safe if you can throw it away as trash using a stocking drainage net. 

And by using Epsalt instead of salt, which is one of the main ingredients of general coffee scrubs, it is even more gentle to the skin and gentle to bath medals and drain pipes. Human skin is renewed every day. It turns over at a fixed cycle and is reborn from an old cell to a new cell, so there is no pigmentation in a little bit.
In particular, SASS Coffee Scrubs help to create healthy skin by removing old skin and dirt. That's why you shouldn't rinse your skin and towel. 

SASS Coffee Scrub and SASS Matcha Scrub do not use any microbeads. Microbeads are small particulate plastic materials used in cosmetics and detergents such as face wash, toothpaste and body wash. Plastic (polyethylene), which is mainly used for microbeads, floats in water, so after use it flows into the river through a drain. Microbeads are so small in size that they cannot be removed by wastewater treatment facilities and flow out into the sea through the river. Now, the oceans around the world are contaminated with these plastic microbeads. The movement to abolish microbeads and protect the sea is flourishing around the world.


Take an appropriate amount and massage gently onto clean, wet skin.

After leaving it for about 5 minutes, wash it off with water or lukewarm water.

Recommended once or twice a week.


Sucrose, Arabic coffee seed, cacao seed, Mg sulfate, sunflower seed oil, cacao butter, fragrance, avocado oil, coconut oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, papain, glucose, fructose, phenoxyethanol

Epsom salt combination