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Intime Organique Intimate Feminine Wash Fragrance-Free 120ml

$45 SGD

About Intimate Feminine Wash Fragrance-Free 120ml

A gentle pH-balanced feminine wash for the most precious and delicate part of your body – the vaginal area.

The Intimate Feminine Wash is enriched with plant ingredients giving you soft, hydrated skin and a refreshing feeling in your vaginal area. Its pH level makes it ideal for everyday use. 

The wash doesn't contain any paraben or sulphates, artificial colors and harmful chemicals ensuring you do not get any allergies. It is fragrance free and making it a safe option even for the women who have extremely sensitive skin.


  • Protects and prevents vaginal infection
  • Eases dryness, irritation and prevents itchiness
  • Heals rashes
  • Eliminates foul odour
  • Keep your vulva healthy
  • Safe to use during menstruation periods 


  • Angelica Root Extract
Well known as a plant that is excellent for reducing inflammation and has moisturising properties. It is commonly used for whitening skin and helps to reduce melanin production.

  • Peony Root Extract

Traditionally often used for improving blood circulation and controlling menstrual disorder. Effective use to reduce facial redness and promotes goo

  • Panax Ginseng Extract

Improve your metabolism and skin’s protective barrier. It's especially great for women as it possesses positive effects on women’s hormones and health. It is also an antioxidant plant.

  • Houttuynia Cordata

It is reported that Houttuynia cordata has a strong detoxification and antibacterial effect. It’s an excellent herb for troubled skin such as atopy and rashes.

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