Skin Barrier Repair Routine in 5 Steps for Skin Barrier Damage

When we think of our skin barrier, we often think of thickness. A skin barrier goes far beyond density, its protectiveness is fundamentally based on our skin’s natural daily moisture levels.

How do I know if I have skin barrier damage?

There are multiple simple key signs that indicate we have a compromised barrier.

  1. skin becomes tight and uncomfortable immediately after cleansing or being exposed to water
  2. flaking, peeling, or appears dusty
  3. You’re experiencing more acne pimple breakouts than normal
  4. small lumpy hives are appearing on the skin outside of normal
  5. your usual skincare routine doesn't feel like enough on your skin

These skin barrier damage symptoms are most often accompanied by consistent tightness in the skin that can be very uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.

“How did this happen to me?!”

Skin barrier damage can often be caused by overuse of acid-based skincare products, overly exfoliating the skin, poor diet, and over-exposure to dangerous UV rays.

Aside from discomfort and inconvenience, what are the negative side effects of skin barrier damage?

Having a compromised barrier for an extended period of time can have long-term negative effects on our skin. These can be seen as.

  1. constant acne breakouts
  2. acne scarring more easily
  3. premature signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles
  4. advancement of inflammatory skin conditions such as contact dermatitis

“How can I start a skin barrier repair routine?”

Recovering from a damaged skin barrier is easier than you think. There are many products on the market that focus on providing our skin with exactly what it needs to be healthy and glowing.

Step 1: minimize your routine.

1. Limit cleansing.

Our skin doesn't need to be heavily cleansed morning and night. Heavy cleansing with gel and foam cleansing strips the skin of its natural moisture barrier. By starting a gentle and minimal cleansing routine, we are able to get our skin back on track to the healthy barrier.

The new routine

In the morning, simply cleanse with this hydrating toner lotion and a cotton pad to effectively remove skincare from the night, excess oil, and dead skin without removing essential skin moisture.

Skin Barrier Repair Routine in 5 Steps for Skin Barrier Damage RUHAKU LOTION 1

In the evening, cleansing is the most important step as we tend to wear pore-disrupting products such as SPF, makeup, and are exposed to external pollutants.

Use this lite oil cleanser to dissolve SPF, makeup, and lift dirt and pollution out of the pores. Easily wipe the cleansing oil away with a konjac sponge or washcloth. Follow up with a second round of oil cleansing to remove any remaining residue or simply use the toner & cotton pad used in the morning routine.

Skin Barrier Repair Routine in 5 Steps for Skin Barrier Damage RUHAKU OIL CLEANSER 1

2. Calming & repairing layer

When our skin barrier is damaged, it's exceptionally dry throughout all levels of the skin. Use this nourishing calming lotion to reverse damaged compromised skin cells to stimulate cell repair.

Ingredients such as sage leaf extract that works to reduce skin sensitivity and yarrow extract to reduce inflammation and repair damaged skin.

Add up to 3 layers of this hydrating and repairing lotion to get the maximum hydrating and repairing benefits a damaged skin barrier needs.

3. Damage reversing moisture

It's important to stick to repair damage reversing products when using a skin barrier repair routine. Use a deeply nourishing moisturizer such as this facial cream to restore moisture to the skin from deep within.

Skin Barrier Repair Routine in 5 Steps for Skin Barrier Damage RUHAKU CREAM 1

This organic Japanese cream contains essential repairing ingredients such as squalane oil, butylene glycol, shea butter, jojoba oil, glycerin, olive oil, and rice bran oil to restore your skin barrier.

4. Protective layers

No matter your skin condition, it's extremely important to always wear SPF during the day. Incorporate this organic SPF into your routine that is gentle and antioxidant-rich to deliver essential repairing moisture to your skin.

Skin Barrier Repair Routine in 5 Steps for Skin Barrier Damage RUHAKU SPF

During the night, finish your routine with a rich repairing oil. When the skin barrier is damaged, it lacks in producing oil naturally. Using this recovery oil containing oils such as rosehip, jojoba, almond, ghetto leaf, will seal in all the products previously used, optimizing their skin recovery effects.

Skin Barrier Repair Routine in 5 Steps for Skin Barrier Damage RUHAKU FACIAL OIL

Your recovery journey is underway!

By following this routine strictly, you will have your skin back on track within 1 week and by the 3rd week, your skin barrier will be feeling and looking healthy again.

Share this routine with anyone you know who may be struggling with skin barrier damage and is in need of some serious TSLC.

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