Living a day in Kobe with Style!

As part of our ongoing series to share how we can experience living a day in various parts of Japan in style, in this article we will be sharing a simple plan on how we can experience a stylish day in Kobe!

As a big proponent to live like a Japanese whenever we are visiting Japan, we would recommend starting our day with a Japanese wake-up routine – and that would mean using more Japanese related products.

To start, we can cleanse our face with Kyoto Komachi Matcha Beauty Facial Wash which is known for their high concentration of green tea extract that will cleanse our face, while being highly moisturising & serve to help us get rid of pigmentations. 

The next step would be to follow up with a toner, which we recommend Hyakkaso Toner that contains natural occurring Hyaluronic acid which helps to smooth out irregularities along with it being an amazing moisturising ingredient.

For friends who are not looking at using makeup, one of the most important step is to end our routine with a Sun Shield because Kobe’s sunlight can be relatively harsh – and we all know how harmful the sunlight can be for our skin – we would recommend Amaranth App-C Sun Shield as it is effective and portable as well, so we can reapply even when we are visiting the various places of interest in Kobe.

After we are done caring for our skin, it is time to head out – and for most people who are staying in other cities (Osaka/Kyoto etc), we would need to take the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Shin Kobe. We would recommend trying the train bento, so that we get to experience the complete package.

Example of Japanese Shinkansen Bento Set
After we arrive, the first place to check out would definitely be Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street – as over here we will get to try the various Kobe’s mini food delights along with get many Japanese products (for the body & skincare products, you can get from our website too!) – which will serve to warm us up for all the walking that we will be doing later – in order to reduce our reliance on taking their Taxis (as it is expensive).

Kobe Harbour (Photo by @stanleyokay)
After we are done exploring the museum, we can hang around the Kobe Harbour and soak in the sea breeze as well as fully be at ease – especially during this season, it is definitely therapeutic to so. Apart from the calming effect, don’t forget to take some good photos so that we can have them as keepsake later on.
Kobe Harbour (Photo by @stanleyokay)
Right after we are done with all the walking & photoshoots, it is time to unwind a little before heading of to our final destination of the day – we would recommend chilling at the Starbucks Coffee Kobe Meriken Park, which is beautifully designed along with all the view that surrounds this beautiful architecture.

Starbucks Coffee Kobe Meriken Park

Our last stop would be heading over to Red Rock for some yummy Signature Red Rock dishes, which has one of the most interesting presentation when it comes to their slice beef dons.
 For friends who are unable to eat beef, there are also other options available such as their Pork Katsu Curry & Rice, as well as Fried Chicken (Karaage) – so rest assured. 
After our dinner, we can check out the Taiyaki store right beside – and if we are in luck to get some of the hot & piping Taiyaki – it would definitely mark a memorable moment for us before we head back.
The long day is finally done, and it is time for us to get ready for bed – apart from washing up, we need to take good care of our face which lasted the whole day today, so here are the following steps we would recommend to enable our skin to recharge and rejuvenate:
  1. Double Cleansing
  2. Using toner to hydrate and prep our face
  3. Apply serum products with Retinol
  4. Finish off with a moisturiser to protect our skin moisture

It is time for us to rest – and we certainly hoped that this article would help you when you are planning for your next visit to Japan, or perhaps looking to travel to Kobe with a different flavour!

This article is written by Bare Japan, and we are a Singaporean based online store created to bring authentic Japanese cosmetics to our customers wherever you may be based in. Visit for more info!