HITOYURAI +30 Mask with stem cells Premium Mask (5pcs)

  • $70.00 SGD

Volume: 5 masks in one pack

Manufacturer: HITOYURAI+30

The uniqueness of the composition of the premium skin care series HITOYURAI +30 lies in the hybrid combination of stem cells, namely, nerve tissue stem cells and adipose tissue stem cells derived from human adipocytes.

Another unique feature is the use of the latest technology DDS (Drug Delivery System), thanks to which it has become possible to deliver medicinal substances directly to a given part of the body, to certain tissues and cells.

The use of another innovative technology, CDS, made it possible to create nano-capsules with a double membrane membrane containing the active substance inside, which penetrate the stratum corneum deep into the skin structure, due to a very small molecular weight and deliver nutrients directly to problem areas.

Active ingredients:

Growth factors for keratinocytes KGF and epidermal growth factor EGF are highly functional biological material that prevents aging and damage to the skin and promotes tissue regeneration. As part of a complex of 19 growth factors.

Fullerene has a powerful antioxidant effect, resists oxidative processes in the skin.

Retinol brightens pigmentation, tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles.

Adenosine stimulates the metabolic processes and the metabolism of collagen protein in the skin, making it elastic.

The extract of the golden cocoon contains sericin and fibroin - proteins that make up silk, collected a record of amino acids.

Chinese peony extract improves skin balance, soothes inflammation, makes the skin's protective barrier more resistant to environmental influences.

The composition also includes natural extracts, such as: an extract of Japanese camellia, golden silk, Chinese peony, rosemary, mulberry, fig, aloe, calendula, ginkgo, sugar maple, kelp and other plants.

HITOYURAI+30 has developed a neural stem cell culture solution which helps enhances the active cells of the skin and replenish the skins moisture and oil.