HITOYURAI + 30 Anti-aging Premium Clear Serum

  • $175.00 SGD

Volume: 15 ml

Manufacturer: HITOYURAI+30

The serum contains natural extracts such as: Japanese camellia extract, golden silk, Chinese peony, rosemary, mulberry, fig, aloe, calendula, ginkgo, sugar maple, kelp and other plants.

Adenosine stimulates the metabolic processes and the metabolism of collagen protein in the skin, making it elastic.

The extract of the golden cocoon contains sericin and fibroin - proteins that make up silk, collected a record of amino acids.

Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, with regular use eliminates pigmentation.

Tightens skin and has anti-aging effect.

HITOYURAI+30 has developed a neural stem cell culture solution which helps enhances the active cells of the skin and replenish the skins moisture and oil.