• DR. SELECT Organic Meso Cream Mask

DR. SELECT Organic Meso Cream Mask

  • $88.00 SGD

Volume: 100 gr

Replenishment in the range of LBS Organic products from Select organic SPA already loved by many . Now the collection is complemented by a meso gel mask to combat age-related signs and aging skin. 

As in other products of the series, the mask contains probiotics LBS Organic , which have a deeply moisturizing effect, fight dryness and peeling, even out tone, treat eczema, acne and redness.

The peculiarity of the composition of the mask is in the use of powder of semiprecious stone tourmaline. ri contact with the skin it produces a weak electric current and has the effect of polarization and ionization. This activates the internal resources of the skin: the renewal of dermal cells is accelerated, the complexion improves, and a tightening effect is achieved. 

Also composed of: 

  • Thermal water from the hot springs Izumo Yumura. It has a deep moisturizing effect.
  • Sage extract - has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights the appearance of acne.
  • Damask rose oil - rejuvenates and regenerates epidermal cells. Increases skin firmness and elasticity, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Gives the skin a beautiful and even color.

Without the use of artificial colors and flavors, alcohol, parabens, phenoxytanol. It does not contain derivatives of oil products and mineral oils.

All the ingredients used in the LBS organic series have passed the international certification of Ecocert organic products .

Method of application: apply to cleansed skin of the face, avoiding the eye area, and hold for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.