COSME PROUD Gold Gentle Make-up BB Remover

  • $90.00 SGD

Gold Gentle Make-up B.B Remover

Miracle Beauty Oil B.B =  Formulated with Baobab + Pure Gold!

4.6oz (130g)  
The path to beautiful skin begins with removing impurities.
Especially since you use it every day, you need a high quality makeup remover!
This cleansing gel milk thoroughly removes makeup while making moisture preservation a priority.

Formulated with pure gold and a high functioning beauty oil (Baobab oil), this treatment product works gently on skin.

Baobab (B.B), the tree of life, grown on the vast lands of Africa

A precious beauty oil which defies to oxidation and provides high beauty effects

Formulated with pure gold and a miracle beauty oil that is said to help renew and protect the skin with extremely high benefits of “moisturizing power,” “antioxidant power,” and “moisture retention power”, this makeup remover is gentle on skin and removes makeup and impurities in pores  while protecting the skin’s barrier zone.

Formulated with a miracle beauty oil, this makeup remover of the highest quality brings you the bounty of Baobab, which permeates skin to refreshingly remove impurities while hydrating dry skin.

Use as a set with Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam and Gold Revitalizer for perfect, unmatched cleansing <removes makeup + dirt + dead skin cells>

Take some product onto dry hands and blend onto the entire face with makeup, with gentle massaging movements. Next, thoroughly rinse off with water or tepid water. (There is no need to use this product if you are not wearing makeup.)