• $45.00 SGD

Volume: 50g

Cosme Proud Point Skincare Series

A waterproof hand cream containing Baobab oil
Formulated with 90% water-in-oil serum ingredients
Won’t leave fingerprints on your smartphone screen

Compared to normal oil-in-water types, B.B Hand Saver creates skin which is moist yet smooth on the surface since it is formulated with 90% water-in-oil serum ingredients. When applied to the skin, beauty ingredients (water-soluble liquid beauty ingredients) which are enveloped in emollient ingredients such as Baobab oil permeate the horny layer, moistening hands from the inside. Emollient ingredients encompass the “moisture veil” with a smooth, non-sticky surface and long-lasting moisturizing effects. Contains 10 types of flower extracts. Brings out translucency in hands. The luxurious white rose scent creates an elegant feeling.


★Formulated with 90% water-in-oil serum ingredients
★Contains Baobab oil
★Contains 10 types of flower extracts
★Luxurious white rose scent