COSME PROUD Gold Amber Rich Lotion

  • $125.00 SGD

Volume: 120ml

Amber and nanogold have combined their powers to deliver magnificent ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin. Transcending 50 million years in time, its mystical powers come back to life, now, in your skin.


Amber is not only a beautiful jewel, but has tremendous capacity to beautify human skin. Whenever the prehistoric plants and insects sealed into amber reveal their unchanged forms across the vast expanse of time, it is impossible to doubt their astonishing power.

Amber has antioxidant properties, and its reducing action is as powerful as that of gold and platinum. When used daily as a cosmetic product, it can be expected to have such beautifying effects as preventing the ageing of skin. Its marvellous moisture retention action activates the skin’s mechanisms so as to create moisture, firmness, lustre, smoothness, and elasticity.

Thanks to the latest technological advances, it has finally become possible to exact the highly effective essence of amber in its purest form. In Gold Amber Rich Lotion, we use only precious, high-quality amber from the Baltic Sea, renowned for having the most ancient, efficacious, and costly amber.

Nano Gold

Nanosized GOLD (iteration of the vital energies of primaeval botanical)

By Nanoizing amber and blending it with nanosized gold, it has become possible for the active ingredients of amber to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Our compound of nano-chondroid such as gold and platinum blended with the essence of amber heightens the vitality and healing powers of skin, including among its effects a lightening action that prevents age spots and dullness, an age inhibitor that fights wrinkling and sagging, and oxidation prevention that eliminates reactive oxygen.

It is said to improve allergy-prone skin, blemish marks, dark spots and wrinkles, and even repair wounds.

30 Other Effective Ingredients included:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Chlorella Extract
  • Hydrolized Collagen
  • CHamomilla Recutita
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Pueraria Lobata Root Extract
  • Calendula Officinalis Extract
  • Caltrop Extract
  • Citrus Tachibana Extract,
  • St. John’s Wort, and so on…